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Scatter Slots

The online gambling scene has yet another new kind of game known as Scatter Slots. This slot game from Murka Entertainment is a unique set that provides several features, which are not found in most reel games at one time. From the graphics to bonuses, in-game additives, and the variety of sets, Scatter Slots are quite impressive. In as much as scatter slot is relatively new in the market, it has gained a high level of popularity among the players.

The fact that role-playing is introduced in casino slots makes the set more interesting unlike the regular slot machines created by most gaming companies. The collection has over 70 side games in it, which players have to figure out if they want to move to the next gaming level. Additionally, the game has numerous characters that make the gameplay more attractive to those engaging in it like:

Each of the above characters has to be defeated for the member to succeed up the ladder level.

General Rules on How to Play Scatter Slots

Persons who are interested in trying their luck on this Murka game have a few guidelines that they need to follow. For example:

The game is not restrictive when it comes to selecting challenges. If the current one a player is trying out is not appealing to them, the gamers can pick others that are more interesting. However, the player can only complete a single mission in each level. Those who want to experience other tasks on the game can come back later and try them out.

Scatter Slots Gameplay

Like all other slot games available on the internet, there are a few regulations that need to be followed by the gamer before they can begin gaming. Depending on the version one is interested in, the player can either play without paying or pay for the game. It is more exhilarating to play for cash than the free one. The gameplay is not any different from any other slot machines.

After downloading the set on ones preferred device, the player is taken through a series of orientation that helps them to understand the essentials of this game. The process is essential because this is unlike other slot machines available in the market. The graphics and extra side-games provided in massive numbers make the set quite complicated, as compared to other slot machines. Even more, the fact that RNG elements are incorporated into this game makes it different in all aspects.

Once the gamblers are familiar with how the set works, they are then free to choose the version they would like to try out first. Engaging in the free version only needs the member to start the game and begin playing. However, to enjoy the real money version, scatter games lovers have to follow a few steps to make the option a success. These are:

These gems can be used to play the hourly bonus games, spin the reels for free, or of course, opening new levels that one has not yet attained on the map. Aside from buying the gems, gamers can also win them during the bonus games like the hourly bonus round or when there are special offers availed to slots players.

Scatter Slots Game Bonuses

As is the case with most reel machines, scatter slots also has bonus games in plenty. It is during these turns that gamblers get to win additional incentives and gain more points to boost them to the next level. To find the types of bonus games available for each particular day, gamers are advised to hit the bonus button. Everything including VIP rewards, holiday provisions, as well as the usual bonuses available are listed on the page that appears after clicking on the bonus button. The most frequently enjoyed bonus rounds in the game include:

For a player to know their progress in the set, they can take advantage of the hourly bonus all-time win button. Here, all the information about one’s achievements since they began playing scatter slots I provided. One can then gauge the status and see the items they need to upgrade for them to move forward, and those that they can hold a bit longer.

One of the aspects that is important to Murka slots players is the game-saving option. Scatter slots gamers can save their progress by joining the online community on Facebook, or allowing Murka to keep the pace automatically. That can be done by collecting game information using wifi or Facebook. Doing this will help the player to get back to where they were in case they lose their gadget, or uninstall the set accidentally.

Download Scatter Slots

Aside from the online scatter slots version, gamers can also enjoy an offline play one. To get this variation, they are needed to download scatter slots to their devices. The easiest way to get the set is to download it to one’s PC machine. However, mobile gamblers are not left behind in this fiasco. Members with iOS and Android supported devices are the ones who can access this service. iPhone and iPad users can visit the App Store and search for the game. Once they do this, they can then download the set for free, or incur a small cost if any.

Android phones and tablet users can also do the same, just that they will visit the play store and use the same procedure to get a hold of Scatter slots. Aside from the above options, players can also purchase the game on Amazon online. In this scenario, each member will have to part with some funds to get the set. Once a person attains the scatter slots app, they do not have to pay additional money to keep it. The in-game purchases are the only time gamers will have to invest their funds in the set.

It is evident that Scatter slots are meant to be free considering that players cannot cash out their winnings. Whatever a gamer attains when spinning the reels of this game can only be converted to gems that will allow them to keep on enjoying the benefits of the set. The high-quality graphics and captivating RPG elements in this slot machine make it one of the best games to reckon with in the gaming realm.

Additional bonus rounds that are recognized via a shield makes the gaming encounter even more exciting than with regular slots. Best of all, the game is available to persons of all ages if they choose to download the Scatter slots app into their mobile devices. However, it is not an excellent choice to give this set to players who are still young considering that it has high sexual content depicted in the images of the ladies such as lady femida.

The only item that seems a bit disappointing is the fact that one has to spend up to 50 dollars or more to open a new level yet they cannot cash out their winnings.


Of the questions many players ask about this Murka slots production, here are those that have appeared frequently on the faqs database.

Can I win real money on Scatter slots?

– Unfortunately, the set was designed only to create an entertaining encounter for slots lover. Any winnings that are achieved in the form of cash cannot be moved out of the game. However, scatterslots players can take advantage of these funds to purchase gems that will allow them to move up the game ladder.

How can I get free coins on Scatter slots?

– Free coins can be attained when a player engages in the bonus games that are provided in the set. Even more, daily challenges, as well as the hourly bonuses, are a great chance for players to win free coins. Members who would rather not wait for lengthy periods of time to get the promotional coins can buy these in the in-app purchases as is the case with gems.

Is it possible to use cheat codes in Scatter slots?

– Yes, it is. Various entities have come up with cheat codes that players can use to hack the game, mainly when it boils down to making payments and completing difficult levels. However, it is advisable to play them legitimately since the cheat codes cause a potential risk in regards to viruses.

How can I restart Scatter slots?

– To reset them from the very beginning, a player needs to be ready to incur a loss of all the progress they have made so far. This, they will do by deleting the game from their device and re-installing it again. Once they do this, Scatter slots will begin from the start.

Can I regain my lost progress?

– Yes, you can. However, one needs to have saved their progress on Facebook. Additionally, members can save slots on what is known as the current profile. All details of the game that are transmitted via wifi and Facebook are stored in the game’s database and used as back up.

How can I uninstall scatter slots?

– Once a player creates a new account, all their information is stored in the database, and a fresh account is made. If it gets to a point where the player wants to exit our platform, all they have to do is to delete their information from our database. At that point, the account will be deactivated entirely. You can also request for deactivation services by following Murka will avail the services for free in effect of choice.


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